It is tragic what happened yesterday as the final runners tried to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  I find it despicable that some would see the taking of innocent lives as some type of virtuous act.  This was an act of pure evil.

But make no mistake, what happened here yesterday happens across the world on an almost daily basis.  Yesterday in Pakistan four people were injured in a blast targeting a political leader.  In Iraq car bombs killed nine yesterday.

We live in a fallen world where those who are without conscience are growing in number at an alarming rate.  I think much of what is happening in the U.S. today is because the influence of the church is waning an the influence of secularism becoming pervasive.  Secularism endangers the world because it denies the existence of God, or at least His involvement in the affairs of man.  This denial allows one to feel exempt from judgment.  Anyone who thinks they can live without some kind of final judgment in the world soon finds it easy to act without limit in this world.

So the church must rise up to make Him famous again in America.  It is the silence of the church that has allowed secularism to flourish.  We must be active and alive in the world today.  It is God and His church which are the salvation of us all, not only in the world to come, but today.  If we want to be of assistance to those in Boston and those around the world, pray for them and share the love of Christ everywhere you step.

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