There is a scale of stress called the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale that calculates the different levels of stress in our lives due to different circumstances we may have endured recently. Below is a link where you can calculate your own level of stress. It’s pretty interesting, especially because it includes what we might think of as good things in our lives, like vacations or seeing my mortgage drop below $30,000. Of course, anybody that’s ever been on a family vacation knows how stressful these can be. Take the test and see how you are faring.

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  1. Mike Bone
    Mike Bone says:

    Well, I took the test and got a 194 and truthfully, I could actually add a few more points on some things I did not think were relevant. Thank goodness for Jesus or I would probably be in the hospital by now. I use that line quite a bit. I would not mind a little vacation stress in Destin,Florida. I asked David to take the test and I think he had no score, but then he is 17 .

  2. Jason Rees
    Jason Rees says:

    I am not sure this works. I scored a 533! And it all has happened in the last 2 years…
    God must have answered my prayers and taken it all away because I do not feel that stressed…but now I do feel a little paranoid. I think I just coughed!


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