The first day of September. I know it’s not official, but for me, summer is over. Kids are in school, high school football has started, college and pro football are around the corner, life is back in a rhythm of sorts.

It’s time to get back down to the business of writing a little. So let’s catch up.

End of May: Holley graduated. All the family came in town and we had a great time of celebration. It was emotional, but really only the beginning of emotional.

June: Like a whirlwind – Youth trips, ETC Student Camp, Camp Creek – there really wasn’t much time to catch a breath. But it was a great month. For those who don’t know, I’m the director of ETC Ministries, a non-profit organization that runs a camp one week in the summer. We also promote missions for students and student ministries. It really grew out of my leadership of our local association camp.

July: 220 Camp, mission trip to Premont, here comes the ORHS band camp. I had a great time at 220, it’s run by a good friend, John Sherrill, and he allowed me to come as a bible study leader. I taught on the life of Peter and the spiritual markers in his life, both the good and the bad.

August: A great trip to the UK (featuring a wonderful side trip to Scotland to play golf at St. Andrews), and school gets rolling. Julie started school early in August, Courtney actually began her summer band in July, and then we took Holley to UNT in Denton, and the next day Courtney started her senior year.

Of course, in the midst of all this was preaching most Sundays (though I admit I had some great guys fill-in for several weeks).

So now you probably see why I’m glad to see the summer come to a close. Our world has changed over the summer. With one gone and another visiting colleges it’s clear that the changes are going to continue. It makes me glad to have a solid home and a firm church home. We like to have some stability amidst all the change. And I will admit to being a lover of change, but it’s easier to embrace change when you know some things will stay the same.

We’re starting to work on a new series from the book of Genesis that will begin in October. It’s going to go through the lives of Isaac and Jacob. Should be interesting to examine how God works in this highly dysfunctional family.

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