You never know what’s going to happen on a Monday.  I think Monday is one of the toughest days of the week because I’m exhausted after Sunday, but I know that I’ve got to get back after things on Monday to get the new week started right.  If I get behind on Monday I feel behind all week.

Had a great meeting this morning with Heather and Paula about Camp Creek 2010, especially Vacation Bible School.  Our hope is to have 200 kids this year.  Last year we had 155 enrolled for the week.  It means some big changes in how we’ve done VBS and the afternoon Sports Camp.  But this year Camp Creek is going to be bigger and better than ever!

Then I met with Roy to help him get a blog started.  Check the link to his blog to the right of this page.  Roy wants to share what’s going on with Candy as she goes through recovery.  Keep praying for them, she has a long road back.

Several have asked me how to help them.  We’ve been working on things we could do and trying to provide a way for folks to give to help offset some of the medical expenses they will have.  Here is where we are today:
1. Working on a giving option.  This week we should have set up an account for you to give specifically toward Candy’s medical and recovery expenses.  You can give cash or write a check to “Spring Creek Baptist” and designate it for the Candy Dethloff Fund.  We will deposit the money in a separate account to be used solely for Candy’s medical and recovery expenses.  Spring Creek will designate two deacons to be responsible for authorizing payments from this account. They will be the only ones allowed to authorize payments and they will only do so for Candy’s expenses.  Any medical bills will be given to them and they will authorize payments from that account as long as there are available funds.  Per Roy’s requests, he won’t have access to the account and he will continue to work to make his own way.  His desire is for those who want to help Candy to have a clear way to give.  All gifts to this account will be tax deductible for income tax purposes.
2. There will be a need for help to get their home ready for Candy’s return.  Tim and Dave are working on a plan with Roy now and we should have more information about that later.

Monday is also a day for looking back at Sunday.  We had a great day in church yesterday morning with 176 in Bible Study and 167 in worship.  So far in 2010 we are averaging about the same in our second service as we did in one worship service last year through the first four months.  God is blessing Spring Creek!  Now to get over that 200 barrier.

Keep inviting people this week.  Think through that list of people who need to be in Bible Study and invite them to come to your class.  Look around in worship and find someone who isn’t coming to Bible Study and invite them to your class.  We can do it with the ready help of the Lord.

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