Had a great time the first part of this week at the Southern Baptists of Texas Empower Evangelism Conference.  Heard Fred Luter preach on Monday night.  He’s the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention and the pastor of a church in New Orleans.  Let me just say: “That man can bring it!” 

He preached a great message on Romans 1:16-17 and the power of the gospel to transform lives.  One thing I really liked.  He said the only hope for the nation is the same thing that was the only hope for us.  I wasn’t always a Christian.  I wasn’t always a pastor.  Sometime in the past, somewhere along the way, God used the power of the gospel to transform my life.  It will take that same power to transform the lives of those now walking in darkness.  Nothing else can save.  Nothing else can transform.  ONLY the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make a hole man whole.

We’ve got to take the gospel to the world for it, and it alone, is the power of God unto salvation!

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