Wow, it does go so fast.  It was just yesterday that we headed to the hospital to induce labor so that we could finally see our beautiful child.  We had no idea, boy or girl, what we were getting into at that moment.  To be honest, it didn’t matter, whatever would come would be worth it.  We had been in love with her for nine months and a few days already.

Through the years it has become clear how blessed we are to have such a beautiful daughter.  She is smart, funny, inquisitive, thoughtful, opinionated, and wonderful.  We are amazed at how much she has meant to us, we can’t imagine life without her.

And now we get ready to enter a new phase.  High school graduation is in a few months and a trip to Denton will come quickly.  She’ll load up the most vital of her possessions, move them into a new room, a new home, and then we’ll say good-bye.  How quiet that ride home will be.

Until then, we’ll make more memories and prepare for the future.  Remember, “you’re just one phone call from your knees.”  Treasure the days, live to the fullest, tell them you love them.  And for now, enjoy the video.  😉


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