The Super Bowl is over and so comes the official end of football season.  Of course, national signing day for the colleges is Wednesday, so it’s really just the transition to off-season football.  Now that it’s February, perhaps we should focus on some of the other events in life. 

How about Valentine’s Day?  That’s only 10 days away.  Nah, I’d rather not, it’s too mushy and made up for me.

College Basketball?  March Madness is only a month away.  I’ll pass until my Longhorns figure out how to shoot straight and stop turning the ball over.  Waiting for Myck Kabongo to return I think will prove to be too little, too late.

NBA?  The Mavericks are stumbling around trying to recover from the first two months without Dirk in the lineup and with so many new faces on the court.  They’ve still got time and the All Star Game is coming to Houston, so maybe it will gain some attention.  The Rockets are struggling, though not as bad as the Mavs.  Of course, if I was a Spurs fan I’d be happy knowing they’ll be there right up until they lose to the Thunder.  But I’m not a Spurs fan, so I’ll root for Kevin Durant.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?  Now there’s a possibility.  We’ve even got some tickets to see Luke Bryan.  Believe it or not but this will be our first time to a Rodeo concert.  We’ve been to see the exhibits, visit the petting zoo when the girls were young, see all the animals and even watch some cutting before, but never to the rodeo.  It’s about time I guess.

Of course, along with the Rodeo comes our Go Texan Day at Spring Creek on March 3.  Now that is going to be a great time with high attendance in Bible Study and Bar-B-Q following the service.  So I think that’s gonna be the winning ticket.  We’re ready to focus our attention on growing our church, worshiping our Lord, eating some BBQ and then watching the real rodeo.  I can’t wait for the Rodeo!

Wait, all this happens in March.  What am I gonna do in February?

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