The passage for this Sunday is Luke 4:16-30.  It’s the story of Jesus’ return to Nazareth after spending the first part of his ministry in the area of Galilee.  He enters the synagogue in Nazareth as the returning favored son.  He leaves the synagogue as the leader of a great army.  Unfortunately the great army is not following Him, it’s chasing Him out of town to kill Him.

We’ll look at what happened in that synagogue to make the crowd turn from favorable to angry and defiant.  Some questions to consider, that I may or may not answer Sunday: Have you ever been angered by a biblical message preached with love and grace?  Why don’t more messages leave the congregation angry?  Should the message leave us angry at least occasionally?  Are preachers not confrontational enough, or do congregations refuse to make personal application, i.e. do they assume the message must be about someone else?

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