It’s always a good day when we gather for worship. I always enjoy the spirit of our church, the enthusiasm for the songs and the willingness and strong desire to hear from the Lord through His word. But, of course, yesterday was special since it was “Go Texan Day.” What made it stand out? Let’s see:

1. We had 206 in Bible Study. That’s a record for my tenure here. The thing is, most of those in Bible Study yesterday had been in worship at least once, and some for many Sundays. It was great to see folks moving from making that connection with God in worship to making that connection with community in Bible Study. My hope and prayer is that this was not a “one Sunday thing,” but a new pattern of life.

2. We had a great breakfast. I really enjoyed the continental breakfast time. There was good fellowship and it was simple. I think you can expect to see that breakfast time again.

3. We had great worship through singing. I thought the songs really spoke strongly to me. I love that song, “Hallelujah, What a Savior.”

4. God spoke to me throughout the service. That’s what made it a great day personally for me. As a pastor it’s easy to get caught up in the corporate victories of the whole church, but it’s wonderful when you can know that the Lord has spoken to you as an individual. Thanks to the Lord, it was a great day!

Can’t wait for this week, to see what’s gonna happen. Can’t wait for Sunday, to see everybody again!

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