Focusing on verse 12, Paul puts forth two characteristics of his service among the Corinthians: “in the holiness and sincerity that are from God” and “not according to worldly wisdom but according to God’s grace.”

Paul’s conscience is clear because of the integrity of his attitude and approach to ministry among the Corinthians. He knows that he has been sincere, walking in the Spirit, as he has worked with them for 18 months. His motives were pure, so he could speak without reservations. His actions were holy, so he had nothing to hide.

In addition, his work among them was done in accordance with the will of God and in the way of God. While some might question what he did or how he did it, Paul is certain that he was honoring God’s desires. There is a way to do good things but not do them in a God-way. Paul was not guilty of this.

How does integrity in ministry affect the overall ministry that occurs? What are some negative consequences of ministry done with selfish motives? It’s important that we seek God’s way when doing God’s ministry. What is the biggest challenge for you when seeking God’s way?

What else do you see in this passage? How has God spoken to you from it?

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