Here is my outline for the message I preached yesterday from Matthew 5:9.  I originally intended to preach through verse 12, but it became clear to me that there was way too much material for one message.  So what I preached yesterday was actually only the first point of my original intent.  Come next Sunday to hear the rest of the story.  🙂

1.1 Notes on Peace/Peacemakers
            1.1.1 Not Peace at Any Cost
                        – Purity, Holiness, Truth cannot be sold to buy real peace
                        – Don’t appease or seek unity at any cost
                        – You won’t attain lasting peace by sacrificing truth

             1.1.2 Peace/Peacemaking is Difficult
                        – It is opposed by Satan
                       – Requires Confrontation/Repentance
                        – Sometimes it leaves everyone dissatisfied

            1.1.3 Peace Requires Action
                        – Not a mere wish
                        – Hebrews 12:14; 1 Peter 3:11 – “pursue peace”
                        – Kellogg Pact of 1928 – Outlawed War between Nations

            1.1.4 Peace Requires Spiritual Insight
                        – Addressing a spiritual issue

            1.1.5 Peace is Sometimes Unattainable
                        – Romans 12:18 – “If Possible”

1.2 What does a Peacemaker Look Like?
            – Peaceful Attitude – Not easily ruffled – Patient – Self-controlled

            – Selfless – without an agenda other than peace
                        Without self-interest – Complete impartiality
                        Genuine Love

            – Bravely Working for Peace
                        Willing to step into danger or crisis
                        Willing to confront wrong
                        Not overly concerned to maintain the status quo

1.3 What does a Peacemaker Do?
            – Listen

            – Look for a way to bring about peace
                        – Be positive and active
                        – Be humble about what you can do
                        – Take initiative – start the conversation
                        – Be friendly

            – Spread peace wherever you go
                        – Love others
                        – Be selfless
                        – Be approachable
                        – Be kind
                        – Be generous
                        – Be sympathetic

This is a description of Jesus Christ, the Son of God – and so peacemakers are called sons of God

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