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5 Things the 3rd Week of September

1. We have discovered so many new things about life as we go through this change in efforts and focus.  Along with a change in schedule, daily activities, weekly focus and more, the biggest change has been learning to be a Christian outside of the role of being a pastor of a local church.  With […]

Transform 2013 has come to a close

We have had a great week at Transform 2013 in Rome. The times of worship have been refreshing and the opportunities to hear the word and listen to other speakers has been encouraging, enlightening and challenging. There are 2 aspects of this gathering that are my favorite: 1) getting to see so many people from […]

On the way to Rome

We are about to land in Amsterdam, making our connection to Rome. It’s been a long night in the plane, about 9 hours so far. It’s morning in Amsterdam, 7 hour time difference. Movies watched on the way: Skyfall (excellent James Bond, but I slept through most of it), Argo (great Ben Affleck movie, I […]

It’s Camp Creek Week at SCBC

We’ve got a great crowd of kids here at Spring Creek this week for our annual Camp Creek.  It’s amazing to see the kids get so enthused singing the songs and they have been really attentive to the teaching times.  Of course some of them are familiar with the songs because they’ve been to VBS […]

My Camp Story

Everybody comes back from student camp with stories.  Many of them are funny and some are life changing.  We hope that students and adults have some kind of story about how God has moved in their life during the week.  Often my story has been centered around watching God move in other people and the […]

5 Things as the Summer Begins

1. We are back from vacation and ready to get on with the summer.  It was not a normal kind of vacation as we traveled some and stayed home some, but the trips were varied.  Julie and I spend Memorial Day with our girls and some of Holley’s friends at the lake.  We had a […]

5 Things the Last Day of April 2013

1. One more month til Summer and lots to get done.  Every year I ask the same thing as many of you: how did it get here so fast?  I’m looking forward to all the events of Summer 2013, but I also know there is much to get prepared.  We’ve got our ETC Student Camp […]

Tragedy in Boston

It is tragic what happened yesterday as the final runners tried to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  I find it despicable that some would see the taking of innocent lives as some type of virtuous act.  This was an act of pure evil. But make no mistake, what happened here yesterday happens […]

5 Things on April Fool’s Day

1. I decided not to post anything today.  April Fools.  hahahahahahaha 2. What a great weekend we had at Spring Creek.  I really enjoyed Secret Church on Friday night.  Jay and I have done this kind of thing before with youth but this was the first time to do it with mostly adults.  Adults respond […]