Screenshot 2016-04-11 15.26.35“Identity Revealed” is a 30 day devotional book. It challenges you to see and accept the truth of what God says about you as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Our self-perception comes from the culture, both secular and church, and it comes through our families, our personal history or our own personality. My goal is to inspire you through a close examination of the biblical approach to self-identity. I want you to see the faults inherent in looking at your life through the wrong lens. I want you to see yourself as God sees you, both before your salvation and after it. I want you to hold tightly to the things God says about your relationship to Him and what He has done on your behalf. I want you to accept the magnificence of His grace and embrace the new identity He purchased for you on the cross.

My prayer is that this will be a good beginning place, or a stop along the way, to a lifelong conversation you’ll have with God. It is by no means the complete summation of God’s Word on identity, it is just my piece to add to the conversation.