1. NBA All Star weekend has come to a close in Houston.  Didn’t create much of a stir up here in Spring.  I didn’t hear much about it from anyone as hardly anyone I know even watched on TV.  I saw some of the game last night after church.  It was a lot like most full court pick up games.  No defense, a lot of alley-oops and fast breaks.  Let’s get back to the real games and then bring on March Madness!

2. Where’s the fastest growing area in Montgomery County over the next several years?  That’s right, the Rayford Road corridor.  According to an article in the Community Impact Newspaper the Rayford Road corridor will add another 7,000 homes in the coming years.  The article even says that CISD plans to build another high school in the Oak Ridge feeder zone within about 6 years.  We’ve got to get busy as a church.

3. Finished Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy” a couple of weeks ago.  What a great book!  It’s a thrilling page turner, even though I knew how it would end.  Lots of things I didn’t know in the book and it’s very intense as he gives great detail into the events of November 22, 1963.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  It has some great history of the Kennedy presidency also, including the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missile crisis.

4. Had a great time at the AWANA Gran Prix last night.  The kids were great fun and the cars were fantastic.  Loved some of the designs.  You can see some of the winners in the library window here at the church.  Thanks to Bradley and all the AWANA leaders for putting on such a great event and thanks to John and those who helped him for the hot dogs.

5. As you may know, Julie had her birthday this past week, along with Valentine’s Day.  So here is what she got.  It’s a BIG CHAIR to replace her other big chair that was getting a little long in the tooth.


The cool thing is that it’s round and it spins!  I’m having lots of fun spinning her around :).

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