1. The Next Level of commitment is usually intimidating.  We get content with our walk with Christ, what we are doing and where we are.  Then when He calls us to something more, something higher, something of greater intensity, we become hesitant.  Sometimes people will actually step back instead of stepping up, feeling guilt about not taking the challenge they will suddenly fall further back in their walk.  The Next Level is before you.  What will you do?

2. I’m looking forward to this next month.  There is so much going on in February at Spring Creek and it’s all good stuff.  We start with the Chili Bowl this Saturday, keep it going with the AWANA Gran Prix on the 17th and all month we are working toward Go Texan Day the first weekend of March.  These are huge opportunities that I encourage you to join.  Nothing is more fun than a relaxing day of flag football followed by some great homemade chili.

3. One of my Directv receivers is not working.  It happens to be the one in the den, the one most watched.  We can still watch recorded programs on that DVR, but it has pretty much lost satellite reception and loses the other DVR’s is you’re watching a show on one of them.  So I called Directv Saturday to set up an appointment to have it fixed.  This morning I got a call from a computer at Directv asking me if I wanted to keep the appointment or change it.  I said “Keep.”  It said, “Okay, how about we change it to Thursday.”  I said, “No, I want to keep it on Wednesday.”  It said, “We can’t schedule it for Wednesday, I can only schedule it for Thursday.”  I pressed “0” and said, “Are there any humans working there?”  Frustrating is the word I think.  In the end I was able to keep it on Wednesday.  It was 20 minutes wasted by a computer who called me.  At the end of the conversation the guy said, “Thanks for calling Directv.”  I didn’t call Directv!

4. I’ve still got my 2012 calendar on the wall in my office.  Why hasn’t Julie been in to change it?  She is the one who always updates it to the proper month, now I’m on the wrong year and January is almost over.  Julie, help!

5. This week my oldest turns 21.  Wow!  That’s crazy.  I can’t believe it has been 21 years since that first time we met.  She was so tiny and so beautiful.  Julie and I have been so blessed by this beautiful daughter and we are so proud of the young woman she has become.  It is profoundly humbling to see your daughter grow into a young lady who is so smart and so committed to Christ and so much fun to be around.  I love to sit and talk with her and hear what’s happening around her.  Holley, I am well pleased.  🙂

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