1. Feeling pretty good this week after my surgery last Wednesday.  They removed two loose pieces of cartilage from my right knee and cleaned up a lot of other “wear and tear” damage around the knee.  I’m glad I was able to stand and preach Sunday without pain and everything feels fine today.  I’m still doing some stretching, regaining range of motion, and working on strengthening my knee.  The ice pack is my friend.  🙂  Hope to be back on the golf course by the end of the week.  Thanks to Dr. Carl Cannon of Woodlands Sports Medicine for some solid work!

2. Big week in politics and our nation with the presidential vote tomorrow (Tuesday).  It will be interesting to see how close the polls are to the actual results.  Will anyone remember the poll reports once the vote is actually counted?  What should we say if a poll has completely missed the results?  I think they should have to report accuracy data for the next four years every time an organization publishes a poll.  For instance, if a CNN poll is off by 5% this year, then every CNN poll for the next four years should be accompanied by that fact.  It would help us gauge the veracity/accuracy of a polling organization and also discourage them from fudging their numbers to create a narrative.

3. Sunday is Veterans Day and we will recognize the holiday at Spring Creek by receiving a special offering for the Wounded Warriors Project.  This Sunday, in addition to your regular offering, you can contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project by designating “mission” offering.  All money designated for “missions” this Sunday will be sent directly to the Wounded Warriors.

4. Went to “Here Comes the Boom” this weekend with Julie.  It’s an enjoyable movie with some funny parts.  It’s not put together really well, the story doesn’t exactly flow.  I have a feeling there must’ve been a lot left in the editing booth because at a couple of points the story skips ahead and you feel like there was no transition.  So it’s not the funniest movie around but it is enjoyable.  Probably a rental or Netflix movie at best.

5. Going to Austin this weekend to see our youngest daughter Courtney and go to the UT/Iowa St game.  It’s amazing how cheap the tickets get when the team isn’t doing so well.  Though I am glad both that Texas beat the Red Raiders this week and that I purchased my tickets before the game started.  My guess is the price went up Saturday night.  We’ll be back Saturday night to get rested up for Sunday.  If you’re around I hope you’ll make plans to be at Spring Creek this Sunday morning. It’ll be great.

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