5 Things in Week 43 of 2012,

1. Last night I watched the last of the presidential debates.  It was a late night because I recorded it and watched after the football game was over.  🙂
After all the talk and all the talk about the talk, I don’t see how anyone could still be undecided.  It seems to me that if you have paid attention at all you should know how you will vote.  But it does seem that some are still undecided.  I wonder how many of those who are still undecided two weeks before the election actually end up voting?

2. One exciting thing about this election, it’s the first time for my daughters, Holley and Courtney, to vote in a presidential election.  I remember my first time to vote for president, it was 1984, Reagan vs. Mondale.  I voted for Reagan and am proud to say that my vote put him over the top in that landslide victory.  When was your first time to vote for president and who did you vote for?

3. I finished reading the biography of Steve Jobs last week.  That was a great read.  It was interesting to read about the genesis of the products that I have loved and used since 1984.  I also enjoyed Jobs’ take on Apple and Microsoft.  He talks about how Microsoft and Bill Gates were focused on profits and they excelled at making money, but his focus was on great products.  That focus led him to believe in controlling all aspects of the computer, from hardware to software to accessories.  Of course that limited their market share, but it may have also been the key to creating the iPod and iPhone.  I recommend you pick up a copy of Walter Isaacson’s work.

4. We’ll be getting information out this week about ETC Student Camp 2013.  I’m excited about that time as we focus on Christ with our students and challenge them to live their faith out everyday.  You can get more info about student camp at our website: www.exposedtochrist.com

5. Julie and I went to see “Argo” at the theater last week.  It’s an entertaining movie about true events that occurred in 1979-1980.  I recommend it highly.  It has some humor in it but keeps you on the edge of your seat, which is interesting since, if you know your history, you know how it all turns out.

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