1. Today is a tough day.  Beverly Gregory passed away this morning.  Beverly was a great friend to me and my family.  When we first moved to Spring she became a surrogate grandparent to our girls whose real grandparents lived hours away.  When we had to give an emergency contact number to the schools of someone besides us who could pick up our girls, it was Beverly.  She loved the Lord, loved her church and she loved our family.  I will always have fond memories of sitting in her living room visiting with Beverly and E.T..  They have left a wonderful lasting legacy of faithfulness behind them.  Their kids, grandkids and great grandkids are blessed having had these two at the head of their family.

2. Nothing seems to fit at number 2 this week.

3. This Sunday night we are having our Quarterly Ice Cream Business meeting at 7 pm.  We started having ice cream business meetings in the summer many years ago.  That was back when we had monthly business meetings.  When we made the move to quarterly business meetings the one stipulation asked for in the meeting was that we have still have ice cream when we met.  So it is that at each of our business meetings we serve ice cream.

4. The Fall Festival is coming up in less than two weeks now.  I’m pretty excited about it.  We’ll be having it off campus again this year at Kaufman Elementary in the Imperial Oaks subdivision.  Our candy collection is going great and almost all of the volunteers spots are filled.  Check the board this week to see where you can help.

5. Courtney and I are participating in the 2012 version of the UT Baptist Student Ministry Jar Wars.  This is an annual fundraiser for summer and semester student missions.  You can help send students on mission and help Courtney and I to victory by sending a check made out to the UT BSM with “2014” in the memo.  This will ensure that our team gets acknowledged for your gift and that you can get a tax deduction from the BSM.  Thanks for supporting student missions.

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