1. I love breakfast.  I know it sounds shallow, but breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day.  I especially enjoy our covered dish breakfast days at Spring Creek.  It was great to see so many consuming the sweet rolls and muffins as well as the Word of God in Bible Study.  That was a good start to our 7 Week Challenge where we ask that you attend Bible Study at least once.  Try It Out!

2. Today is Columbus Day.  Columbus arrived in the Americas on October 12, 1492 and people across the two American continents have been celebrating for centuries.  It’s been a federal holiday since 1937.  This year marks 520 years.  It is hard to imagine the courage it took to venture out into an unyielding ocean over 500 years ago, not knowing what, if anything, could be found.  I’m glad there are still adventurers who will risk it all to discover new horizons.  BTW, did you know that Columbus made four trips across the Atlantic?  He crossed in 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502.

3. There is an apologetics conference taking place this weekend at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands.  The cost is $39 for one person, $10 for a spouse and $10 for students.  Click here for more information.

4. Another reason democracy is difficult in a predominantly muslim nation: Grace.  Islam is a works based religion, but more than that, it is a religion without grace.  Man doesn’t find grace from God, he overcomes his own shortcomings by performing a larger number of good acts as well as rituals.  In Christianity it is the grace of God that overwhelms our sin and becomes our only access point into relationship with God.  What does this have to do with democracy?  Democracy is all about grace.  We believe in forgiveness upon repentance.  We believe in a second chance.  We believe in redemption of all.  Without grace, we must have dictators who are above the hoi polloi (masses of people).  Without grace we need leaders who have some special dispensation from God that makes them, and them alone, capable of ruling.  Look at the muslim nations, they are all ruled by a ruling class that claims some special ability or place that makes their rule unquestionable.

5. It was great to be in the baptistry again Sunday.  Please continue to pray for the new believers in our midst.  God is doing a powerful work among us.  When adult men start to come to faith in Christ as we have seen the past two weeks, God is at work.  Look around and join in the fun!

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