1. We had a great time this weekend with DNow and Sunday worship and activities.  Julie and I had a great time with the 10 boys at our house this weekend.  They were a pleasure to be around and I liked having the sounds of grunts in the home.  🙂  Sunday was also really enjoyable.  I thought Mike and the guys did a wonderful job of leading us in worship.  I also enjoyed our deacons meeting together Sunday afternoon and our preparation for the AWANA Gran Prix Sunday night.  Can’t wait for February 17th and the Gran Prix.

2. Julie and the girls were in Austin Sunday evening watching “The Lion King” on the musical stage.  Julie said it was a very good production and they had a great time together for this long weekend.  It’s probably my favorite animated movie.  Probably because of the one line late in the movie when the vision of Musfasa appears to young Simba and says, “You are more than you have become.”  What a great line!  Isn’t it true of most of us who know the Savior?  We have been redeemed by the Savior, infilled by the Spirit and called by the God of the universe, and yet we so often live small lives.  “We are more than we have become.”

3. Lots of activities coming up in the life of Spring Creek Baptist Church over the next several weeks, beginning with the annual Chili Bowl the Saturday before the Super Bowl.  Also in February is the AWANA Gran Prix.  It’ll be on Sunday night, February 17th.  We will suspend our Intersection classes on that night as we all celebrate together the fast a”car”mplishments of our AWANA kids.  And then March starts off the first Sunday with Go Texan Day.  These are all great opportunities to invite friends and neighbors to join us for a good time.

4. The Good Friday Play is returning.  For the past several years we have joined with Spring Baptist and True Vine Missionary Baptist in a cooperative worship experience on Good Friday.  I’ve decided this year to go back to what had become a tradition in our church, the Good Friday Play.  We will have practices on Sunday afternoons beginning February 3rd and the performance will be on Good Friday, March 29th.  I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the talents of several of those in our church who know how to ham it up a bit.  More info will be coming soon.

5. This is the opening paragraph of an editorial written by a friend of mine, Kelly Boggs: “A New Jersey school board terminated a longtime substitute teacher on Jan. 15 because he shared a Bible verse in the course of a conversation with a student. After sharing the verse, the teacher offered the student a New Testament, which the student accepted.”
I believe we are in grave danger as a nation when we begin to act with impunity toward the people of God when the people of God are doing nothing more than living our their faith.  This is a dangerous position for any nation to be in and our nation most certainly should not expect to be exempt from the same judgments that have befallen other nations in world history who have been so overtly antagonistic to the gospel.  Read the rest of the article here.

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