1. I’ve been a Dallas Cowboy fan my entire life, but it’s been hard the past several years. I like Jason Garrett as the coach and I’m a fan of Tony Romo and many of the other players, but at some point you’d think they would perform with some kind of consistency. It was hard watching them this past week. The only good thing was that I was watching on the DVR so I could fast forward through so much of the ineptitude.

2. I don’t know if Paul ever actually set foot on the island of Crete. He “left” Titus in Crete to straighten out the churches. It seems that Paul may have been there with Titus and then left him behind to do the work. If so, when. Luke makes no record of it, except when he records their travels around the island in Acts 27. So maybe he went there without Luke, after Acts was written. Hmmm…

3. Bourne Legacy was worth the money to see it at the theater. Definitely requires having seen the other movies to get what is going on. Spoiler Alert: I thought it was neat how they set this movie in the same time frame as the third one. That’s a great take for a sequel that has so many new characters in prime roles.

4. Really enjoyed the Men’s Bible Study on Monday night. We’re going through Romans 8. What a great chapter of the Bible. So much depth of thought and right examination of real life. And the statements of truth are compelling. Any guys who want can join us next Monday @ 6:30 @ my house.

5. Julie and I spent this past weekend in Galveston enjoying our 23rd wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Hotel Galvez (I highly recommend it) Friday and Saturday nights. Relaxed by the pool, had some great meals and just enjoyed being away together. I am greatly blessed to have such a wonderful wife who loves me without reservation. And we have been twice blessed by great daughters who love us, one another and the Lord.

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