1. Worship was great Sunday.  I really enjoyed the music led by Mike and our worship team and I thought the congregational singing was great.  I always love how our church sings.  Often, when we have guests, especially preacher types, they comment on how loud our church body sings.  I love to preach about worship and I really enjoyed how we responded with such powerful music.

2. Football season is underway with the high schools and colleges kicking it off this past weekend and the NFL starting up this week.  I love this time of year.  It just smells like football and Fall.  My first Fantasy Football draft was last night and the second one is tonight.  Last night’s is the “real one for me”.  Lots of competition between the guys.  And it’s the one I won last year for the first time.  🙂

3. I recommend you go see “Obama’s America 2016” showing at the theater at Market Street.  This documentary is a very straightforward look at the factors that helped shape our current president’s governing philosophy.  It’s always a good thing to know WHAT a person thinks, and even better to understand WHY they think the way they do.  This movie answers that question.

4. Julie and I split up this weekend (it’s okay, she came home Monday).  She went to Austin to see Courtney and I went toward Dallas to treat Holley and some of her friends to a day on the lake.  I had a great time with the group from UNT.  It’s comforting to know that your daughter has done well and made friends with a nice group of young adults.  I’m also very happy that they both like to be around their parents, because we very much like to be around them.

5. Just finished Hank Haney’s book about teaching Tiger Woods.  It’s a really interesting look inside their relationship and Haney’s take on why Tiger is the way he is.  I think he often makes excuses for Tiger’s selfishness, saying that’s what it takes to be great.  I don’t think other great athletes were all that way and I don’t think Tiger had to be, though he may think so.  The other fault lies with thinking that great golf accomplishments equal greatness.  Just started the biography of Steve Jobs this week.

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