1. We are back from vacation and ready to get on with the summer.  It was not a normal kind of vacation as we traveled some and stayed home some, but the trips were varied.  Julie and I spend Memorial Day with our girls and some of Holley’s friends at the lake.  We had a great time with them as they started their summer .  Then we came home for a couple of days before going to Abilene for my parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary celebration.  Then back home for a couple of days before going to Austin for Juile’s parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary celebration.  That’s right, our parents were married one week apart 50 years ago.  What a great legacy they have given us.

2. We went to Richland-Chambers Lake near Corsicana for Memorial Day.  That’s a nice lake, the 3rd largest in Texas, with great open water and only a few boats.  The boats were limited because the lake is 6 feet low and many of the boat docks were out of the water.  In fact, there was only one boat ramp still in the water.  We may not see it as much here in the Houston area, but much of Texas is still in moderate and severe drought conditions.  Lord, send rain.

3. I have come to a realization about how a marriage could last for 50 years.  I shared this with my parents and they agreed.  The secret to a long lasting and happy marriage is simple: Have perfect children.  :))))

4. ETC Student Camp is only 2 WEEKS AWAY!  This is going to be a great week as we find HOPE in the Lord.  I can’t wait to see all that the Lord will do through Aaron Wagner leading worship and Gary Witherall preaching and ministering God’s word. 

5. My hope this summer is to enjoy the summer.  It seems that often we get so caught up in the events that come, one after another, that we lose the joy of the summer.  I’m determined to get all my work done and still take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.  That means some time on the lake with the kids, on the course with my clubs and taking walks with the love of my life.  It’s June 10, no time to waste waiting on the good days to come.

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