1. Congress and the President will argue about who has fixed our economy.  Both will take credit for the good and blame the other for the bad and neither will actually do anything to make it better.  Spending cuts will not actually happen this year, through they may pass some, they will only take effect in years to come and will be forgotten or changed by future budgets.

2. Jerry Jones will take all the credit for a “great draft class” that will get the Cowboys back on top.  Of course, it won’t, but everybody is a champion in August.  The Texans will have a major shakeup in personnel to try to remedy the faults found late in the season.  They will start next season by winning seven of their first eight games and all anybody will talk about is how they failed at the end of this season.

3. The new Star Trek movie will be the breakout hit of the summer.  It will set records for ticket sales and many trekkies will hate it, calling it a poor representation of the series.  Some will find fault with the science of it, forgetting that it’s a fictional movie about the future.

4. With the Mayan prediction out of the way, Americans will fall into a false sense of security about our own future.  There will be at least two specials on mainstream television about how doomsday predictions never come true, because they haven’t yet.  These will seek to convince viewers that Biblical predictions about the end times are just as false as Mayan predictions.  Why is it that we get so worked up about predictions by those who have rarely been right and yet have no regard for Biblical prophecies that have never been wrong?

5. Of this I am certain, there will be events this year in each person’s life that could never have been predicted.  The reaction to these events will be based on the person’s faith preparations made now, while not in crisis.  Some will become great testimonies to the goodness and faithfulness of God, who is always prepared and always knows.  Some will bring Him glory as He shows Himself though the perseverance and fortitude of His followers.  God will accomplish His purposes this year.  I am determined to be part of His work this year and to see Him work through my life.

May 2013 be a happy and blessed year for us all!

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