1. Jay and I were sitting in the church this morning thinking about Go Texan Day.  You know we’re going to have to add some chairs to our new arrangement for Sunday.  We expect a lot of friends and guest to be in attendance and so we are going to make sure we have enough seats.  You might have to “scrunch up” a bit (that’s a technical term meaning to leave no empty seats between you and your neighbor).  We’ll even leave some room at the back just in case our ushers need to bring in a few extra seats.

2. Watched the Academy Awards last night after church.  It was weird because it look like the Life of Pi was going to sweep the major awards and then the last three went to three different movies.  Daniel Day Lewis definitely deserved best actor for Lincoln, though there were several deserving nominees.  I liked Jennifer Lawrence in Silver LInings Playbook but it looked like she was more surprised than anybody to win best actress.  Definitely liked Argo and I’m happy it won, but Lincoln was also amazing.  I was disappointed that Steven Spielberg didn’t win best director.

3. The area continues to grow around us, with new schools opening almost every year.  I think we need to focus our attention as a church on reaching these new families moving in and especially the children.  As a church, we need to do as many things as possible to get as many children as possible on our campus as often as possible.  This may be in festivals, camps, sports leagues, mother’s day out programs or any other myriad of ways, but we need to focus on getting the children here.  If the children come, the parents will follow.  We’ll be proposing several different things over the next few weeks as we look to the best ways to reach our area.

4. Church workday is coming up in a few weeks.  March 16th is the designated Saturday to clean up, fix up and get ready for Easter Sunday.  Please set aside the morning or afternoon to come help.  Like a home, every church has a list of honey do’s that need to be addressed.  We’ve got a list and there is something that everyone can do to help.

5. I predict the Rockets and Mavs will make the NBA playoffs, narrowly eliminating the Lakers.  I predict this in spite of the Mavs loss to the Lakers on Sunday.  The Lakers are too shaky as a franchise and too likely to fall apart from within.

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