Went to see “Limitless” over the weekend. This movie starring Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper poses an interesting question: What would you do if you could use all of your brain, not just the 20% everyone uses?

It was a decent movie, though a little slow at times. The sad thing about the movie is that I think it’s pretty accurate. There are no good guys in the movie. No one who is purely motivated or who wants to be selfless. That’s not a negative about the movie, just an observation.

So, assuming we only use 20% of our brains, and that using all of it would enable us to accomplish so much more, what would you do? Money, power, influence, change the world? Winning over our natural urges, suppressing the flesh to submit to the Spirit. Or is it that we completely surrender to the Spirit and so allow Him to suppress our flesh? This battle is not mine to fight but the Lord’s to win. If given the ability to really make a difference, would we do it, or would we take care of our own first?

I’ll give this one a Horn’s Down for overall entertainment value.
4 pulpits out of 5 for Christian Thought.